Re: WW1 German Tank Presented To Hemel Hempstead.

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> On February 21st 1920, a 27ton German Tank was presented to the people of
> Hemel Hempstead in recognition of the efforts made by the local residence
> during WW1. It was delivered by rail along the Nickey Line and driven to a
> preprepared plinth on Heath Park, located close to the old Bomoor Town Hall
> (which until recently was known as the Boxmoor Arts Centre).
> Anyone know what happened to it or where it went/has ended up?

I realise That this question was posted several years ago, but I have been looking in to the same reference (from a book on the Nickey Line) and hope that this answer may help anyone else looking in to this in the future. I was confused because there were only 20 Germany A7v tanks produced during WW1 and their whereabouts have all been traced. I have found that it was actually a British tank. It is mentioned in the following link:
Reference number 8 from the article takes you to Decorum Heritage Trust newsletter number 62 which includes more information and a picture of the tank which confirms it as a British model. The article states that it was removed just prior to WWII.

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